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BMA at CGE's Bowtie Barrier Risk Management Workshop, 9 November 2018, Rio de Janei

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Thanks to the kind invitation from our partner CGE Risk Management Solutions, today we have presented the session "Aviation services providers for the Oil & Gas Industry in Brazil, a collaborative aproach for developing Bowties" during the Bowtie Barrier Risk Management Workshop hosted by the Brazilian Petroleum Institute (IBP).

Along the session we had a quick recap of key barrier-based safety concepts, before sharing selected contents from two aviation bowties ("deviation of the intended flight path" and "return to service of unairworthy aircraft"), developed along a total of 17 full-day workshops, involving Petrobras, BMA and Aircraft Operators since 2015.

Many thanks to the expert audience for the clever comments and questions, helping to make our industries even safer!

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