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Bowties "Deviation from the intended flight path" and "Return to service of unairworthy aircraft"

The two "classic" Bowties related to flight operations and aircraft maintenance.

A collaborative initiative with Brazilian aircraft operators, conducted along 11 one-day workshops in 2015, resulting in the most comprehensive bowties known in the industry for those two Top Events.

Petrobras Aviation Safety Case

Risk Analisys + Management System = Demonstration of Safety

Document whereby, based on comprehensive Bowtie risk analysis, Petrobras demonstrates knowledge about the barriers required to protect its contracted aviation operations.

Analysis of thermal interference and structure-induced turbulence for helideck landings

Ensuring a safe offshore operational environment

Definition of operational parameters applicable to maritime units with helidecks and helicopters, aiming safe offshore flight operations.

Evidence-based training program for offshore helicopter pilots

Guidelines for tailor-made training programs for offshore flight operations

Pioneering the application of evidence-based training by Petrobras contracted aircraft operators.

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